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The Dr Isaac 'Harry' Gosset Collection

Dr Gosset

Dr. I. H. (Harry) Gosset M.A., B.M., Oxon, F.R.C.P. practised as a Consultant Paediatrician in Northamptonshire from 1947 until his untimely death in 1965.  

He was the son of a renowned statistician, ‘student.’  He was educated at Rugby School, England. He was a Demi (Scholar) at Magdalen College, Oxford and MacKenzie  exhibitioner at  St. Thomas’ Hospital, London.  

For his obituary in the Lancet, a colleague wrote “The most modest and patient of men, he was completely dedicated to paediatrics. His knowledge was profound and it was a delight to see him handle a sick child.  He wrote little but was a gifted teacher, and his Saturday morning rounds were attended by GPs and MOHs from town and country”.

In an era when research was making dramatic discoveries in his specialty, it was his ambition to build a level of paediatric care in a provincial hospital as good as that of a teaching hospital.  In this he succeeded. The ‘Unit For Premature Babies’ which he designed and completed at the Northampton General Hospital  is his tangible legacy, giving vulnerable newborn who hitherto would have died the chance to live full, long and meaningful lives.  It has most fittingly been renamed ‘the Gosset Unit’ in his memory. The children of this county also benefited from this excellent care directly, or indirectly through the generations of housestaff that he trained. Both are his intended legacy. 

‘The Gosset Collection’ is an online repository of his work illustrating exemplary general paediatric and premature baby care (1947-1965) with material kindly contributed by his family, colleagues and friends.

Dr Gosset Collection