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NGH invites you to test your knowledge of hand hygiene

Hand in Hand true or falses

How much do you know about the importance of hand hygiene?

That’s the question being posed by Northampton General Hospital’s infection control team during Northamptonshire’s third Hand in Hand campaign.

Hand in Hand is a region wide campaign which aims to remind people about the importance of good hand hygiene when they visit hospital or another health setting. The campaign comes to Northamptonshire in the week beginning March 8.

NGH lead infection control nurse, Pat Wadsworth, said: “Hand washing is very important because it is the single most important thing people can do to protect themselves, and others, when they come to a hospital environment.

“By its nature a hospital is a place where people are being treated for medical problems which impact on their immune system which means they are more vulnerable to infection than people who are fit and healthy.

“Therefore if you are visiting hospital you must think about this and remember to wash your hands, ideally with soap and water, and at least with the hand cleansing dispensers, when entering and leaving a department.

“Thoroughly cleaning your hands is the number one thing you can do to protect yourself and other patients from infection – that is why this campaign is called Hand in Hand.”

During the campaign week in Northamptonshire an infection control quiz machine will be touring the county and will be at NGH on Monday and Tuesday 8 – 9 March.

Patients and visitors will get a chance to test out their own knowledge on infection control by having a go on the quiz machine.

Example questions and answers TRUE OR FALSE

  • Hand gel is better than soap and water – FALSE
  • Alcohol gels do not destroy the bugs associated with diarrhoea and vomiting - TRUE
  • Wet hands encourage germs – TRUE
  • Cleaning the environment will stop all infections being passed on – FALSE
  • MRSA is an infection you have to be in hospital to pick up – FALSE
  • MRSA has been around since the 1960s – TRUE
  • If I wash my hands they will stay germ free for hours – FALSE
  • Antibiotics are medicines that help fight infections caused by viruses - FALSE

Also during 8 - 9 March, you can have your hand washing technique put to the test, when our team will check your hands under ultra violet light. And there will be a quiz competition offering various prizes, including chocolates, vouchers, and a first prize of a Saints rugby jacket.

The Hand in Hand Campaign

Is a campaign developed by East Midlands Strategic Health Authority which is being publicised across the region during February/March 2010.

It aims to remind patients and public alike that cleanliness and hand hygiene is important and has improved across the East Midlands.

Research done by the SHA shows:

  • Cleanliness remains a very important issue for people - 79% of people rated it within their top three factors of importance (April 09 was 60%)64% of people define ‘clean hands’ as washing with soap, water and then gelled (April 09 was 39%)
Posted on Thursday 1st April 2010