Junior Doctors

QI for Junior Doctors

Welcome to the quality improvement (QI) page for junior doctors.

Here you will find information on the teaching sessions related to QI, resources to support your delivery of an improvement project, and other information to support you in your role.

Dr Toolbox

In the last year, 4 junior doctors have made great improvements to the information housed on the Dr Toolbox webpage and mobile app.

Below is a brief video from the NGH Dr Toolbox team 2016-17

Teaching Sessions 17/18

This section will have all relevant slides and notes from teaching sessions from the QI team.

QI resources

Booklets: Read our QI teaching booklets to learn more about QI in NGH. We also have other resources such as our project proposal form and measurement and data collection plans.


QISB: Quality Improvement Safety Board - this is a weekly forum for healthcare professionals to learn about quality improvement and how they can get going on their own QI project at NGH. The next QISB starts in August 2017. Our team deliver and facilitate the sessions, providing expert support on how to get a project started, how to move the project forward, how to prepare abstracts and poster submissions and how to publish a QI project in respected journals.

The end results of a QISB project is typically submission to an international healthcare conference, with all staff presenting their work in a poster format at a international, national or local level. View our awards, presentations and more here.

Email us for more information: quality.improvement@ngh.nhs.uk


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