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FOI Response 285

Request under Freedom of Information Act 2000

Request Ref: FOI 19/20_285

I write in response to your request under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.

I confirm that the Trust holds the information you requested. Please see the replies, set out against your question, below.

Please provide the following information about the disciplinary cases under MHPS in your organisation for the financial year 2017/18:

Q1. The number of permanent and locum doctors employed by the Trust (headcount).

Permanent = 566, locum = 2

Q2. The number of concerns raised under MHPS by type of concern (the following is a suggested categorisation of the types of concern). Please allocate the cases to the most relevant type of concern.

Answer to Q2
 Type of concernNo. of concerns raised No. of formal investigations 
 Doctor's health    
 Clinical competence    
 Conduct 10 10 
 Professional performance    


Q3. The outcome of formal investigations. Please provide the data on the outcome of formal investigations according to the following table:

Answer to Q3
 Type of concernNo further action Advice or warning Referral to the GMC Suspension Dismissal Resignation within 6 months of concern raised 
 Doctor's health            
 Clinical competence            
 Conduct   5 or fewer      5 or fewer  
 Professional performance            


In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, Exemption section 40 (Personal Information) has been applied. Due to the low numbers invloved, 5 or fewer, we have witheld the exact numbers to protect the identities of individuals.

While the Trust acknowledges that it is desirable to make information as freely available as possible the release of this information would be unfair to the individuals concerned and would contravene the rights of the individual under the Data Protection Act.

Other cases are ongoing at this time.


Posted on Tuesday 3rd November 2020
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