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Patient and public involvement

Patient and public involvement

We carry out research and trials to improve treatments and medication We share the results so the work we do here helps not only to provide the best possible care to our patients but to improve the whole NHS.

Without research volunteers, advances and improvements in care wouldn’t be possible.

Research involvement

If you’re a patient receiving treatment and you’re interested in taking part in our research, ask the team looking after your care if there are any studies going on that you could take part in.

If you’re not receiving treatment but you’re still interested in finding out more, email our research and development team for details of current opportunities to get involved.

We support the national It’s Okay to Ask campaign. The aim of the campaign is to encourage patients and their families to ask about research opportunities that might be available.

It's ok to ask

If you work in providing healthcare, you can help by being aware of research studies in your field. You can find out more by contacting the research and development team

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