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Best Possible Care Awards

The nominations are now closed for the 2020  Best Possible Care Awards. Please check back soon for more information on our shortlisted nominees and our winners.

If you know someone who you think deserves recognition please visit the staff recognition page for details of our Everyday Hero and DAISY awards.


The awards are your opportunity to tell us about our staff or volunteers who have made a difference to your hospital experience or who have helped to bring about real improvements to our services and the care our patients receive.

The awards will take place virtually this year due to COVID and are supported by the Northamptonshire Health Charitable fund.

Nominations closed at midnight on Sunday 13th September 2020.

Please use the nomination form below to submit your nomination to us. All award categories are listed below, please read these carefully before submitting your nomination to make sure your nominee has the best chance at being shortlisted. We've also included some tips and hints on how to make your nomination stand out.


Award categories:

Caring through COVID award- two categories a team and an individual award

The COVID pandemic has brought with it many challenges for staff, patients and visitors. We've seen many examples of staff coping with increased pressures and disruption to work and home life. This is your chance to nominate an individual and/or a team and recognise their contribution during COVID. We want you to tell us about those extraordinary people who have provided exceptional support and care throughout the pandemic.

Clinical and non-clinical team awards - two categories and two outstanding teams

These two awards celebrate the very best of our teams at NGH. We want to know what they’ve done to improve your experience at NGH. Have they gone above and beyond to provide exceptional care? Have they introduced new ways of working to improve things for others? Perhaps they’ve pulled together as a team in difficult circumstances. 

Tell us about the impact they’ve created. What they’ve done and how they’ve done it. We’re looking for stand-out moments and teams who do everything to represent our TeamNGH values.

Volunteer of the year - celebrating the teams and individuals who give their time support us

This category celebrates volunteers who go the extra mile to support our patients, staff and visitors. They welcome us with a smile and give their time to help their local community. We want to know who’s made a difference to you. Whether it’s helping in an extraordinary circumstance or always being dependable - tell us what these exceptional people have done

Unsung hero clinical and unsung hero non-clinical awards - two awards celebrating the people who are the heart and soul of TeamNGH.

We want you to help us find the people who don’t make a fuss whilst they quietly go above and beyond the call of duty to support each other and our patients. They are the people who represent the values of TeamNGH and put their full energy and commitment into everything they do. We want to know about those people who make the hospital experience better for others and know why you think they deserve to be our unsung hero.

Patient safety award - for people who champion safety in everything they do

We want to know about the people and teams who always put safety at the forefront of their work. They are the people who openly raise awareness of safety issues, champion transparency or have introduced new, safer ways of working. Tell us about what they’ve done and the difference they have made.

Patient experience award - celebrating the people who put our patients’ experience at the heart of all they do

Tell us about the people and teams who show they are always listening to and acting on patient feedback, or helping our patients at some of the most challenging times in their lives. We want to know about the people who go above and beyond to provide the best possible care and use their skills, knowledge and expertise to make things even better for patients.

Respect and support award- recognising the people who put others first

This award recognises the people who put respect and support at the forefront of everything they do. They're the people who see individuals as unique and who are prepared to break down barriers to equality and challenge colleagues to see things in a new way. We want to know about those people who; provide support when things aren't right, who have been there to support shielding or self-isolating staff, who understand and provide solutions to problems and who champion change. 


Research and innovation award- celebrating innovative thinkers and people who drive new ways of doing things

These are the people who bring forward new ideas, the ones who take the initiative to implement chane and the people who are always striving to work and care in new ways. We want you to tell us about the people who do things differently to make changes. It could be that they've helped to implement a new system, championed and supported patients or staff through research studies or they've found a solution to a problem to make things better.


Fundraiser of the year – for an individual or team who have made a significant contribution to the Northamptonshire Health Charity fundraising this year.

These are people who have helped to raise the profile of a specific event or the NHC charity as a whole. Our charity team will be selecting the winner based on fun and innovative approaches to fundraising, evidence of fundraisers’ achievements and how they’ve inspired others and how their fundraising has benefited patients and/or colleagues at NGH.

Thank you to the Northamptonshire Health Charity for their ongoing support of the Best Possible Care Awards.

Tips for writing a good award submission

Nominating a staff member or volunteer for an award is a great way to recognise their achievements and the support they've given to you. To help to get your nomination recognised we've put together some tips below of how you can make your award submission stand out.

  • Submission forms have a character limit of 2,000 for nominations
  • Get to know the category you are nominating the individual for. These are all listed above with a brief explanation
  • If you're not sure on which category they fit into write your nomination first and then go back to see which category suits their achievements
  • Think about what the person or team did and work out the key information that will get them recognised
  • Try not to repeat information or phrases, we're looking for information and a full picture of what the person did and how it made a difference
  • Write in an easy to understand language. Please try to avoid acronyms and make sure it's clear for someone who doesn't know the individual to understand. It's always good to ask someone else to read the nomination before you submit it
  • Think about the evidence you can give in your nomination and how you can justify your points
  • Write your submission and then edit it to make sure the key points are covered- remember it's about quality not quantity
  • Avoid phrases such as they're a smiley person or they're good at their job- these don't tell us how they've made a difference
  • Don't use the same nomination for multiple people- make them unique and they're more likely to be noticed
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