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Our Team


Below is a brief introduction to the members of the Quality Improvement Team. 

Jane Bradley

Deputy Director of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement


In 1985 I completed my nurse training with the Army (QARANC) which provided many opportunities to work with teams in hospitals across the UK and in Europe.  At NGH I have been fortunate and privileged to work with many colleagues in various roles which have included senior nursing, managerial and leadership roles which most recently have included Patient Safety Programme Director and interim Director of Nursing.
I am responsible for leading and developing a broad portfolio of improvement activities and organisational interactions, including creating and executing the organisations quality improvement strategy and set ambitious targets to monitor our progress and performance.
I am committed and passionate about improving the quality of care and experience for patients and staff- and proud to be leading a talented and ambitious QI team.
E: jane.bradley@ngh.nhs.uk

Celia Warlow

Assistant Director of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement


I joined the Trust in 1985 after qualifying as a Nurse in Cardiff and spent the next 7 years working in CCU and developing the Resuscitation Service which I managed for the next 24years!
I joined the then Safety Academy 5 years ago and now work with a fantastic team developing and supporting QI trust wide. The role is really diverse and challenging but I thrive on it! I particularly love working with our junior doctors, seeing that in their short time here the difference QI projects can make to both systems and patient care and the growth in their confidence as they see their work develop to a standard ready for conference submissions and publications.
I continue to line manage the Resuscitation Service and the Simulation Suite who are both now integrated into the Safety and QI agenda. I remain passionate about education and continue in my role external to work as one of the 10 Resuscitation Council UK Educators, where I enjoy teaching Doctors and senior nurses how to teach others.
E: celia.warlow@ngh.nhs.uk

Sid Beech

Project Manager


I joined the Quality Improvement team in 2016. The primary focus of my role in the QI team is to provide support to bottom-up improvement projects within the Trust - either by teaching and training in QI methodology/project approach, providing statistical analysis and support (alongside the QI data analyst) or by helping to prepare and submit publications and posters.
The majority of the improvement projects I support come from the Quality Improvement Safety Board and the Registrar Management and Leadership Course which run every year. 
Email: sidney.beech@ngh.nhs.uk

Liz Smillie

Data Analyst


I joined Quality Improvement in June 2016 after working for nearly 14 years in the Trust in the Finance Department.  I produce the Trust’s monthly Quality Improvement Scorecard which is growing and developing each month and I am helping to develop Directorate and Divisional QI scorecards.
I support QI projects by validating and presenting data and helping to interpret it.  Along with the rest of the team I am here to support both ongoing and new Quality Improvement projects.
E: elizabeth.smillie@ngh.nhs.uk

Luke Styant

Assistant Project Manager
(Job Planning, Appraisals and Revalidation)


I joined the QI team and NHS in May 2018. My central focus is job planning, revalidation and appraisals for our consultant population. My experiences prior to joining the NHS include people management, resource mapping, user acceptance testing and reporting on various performance measures. 
I am commited and proud to drive and support change through this inspirational team at NGH. 
E: luke.styant@ngh.nhs.uk 

Pamela Leaper

Assistant Project Manager


I have been working for the NHS for over 6 years and joined the Quality Improvement team in May 2018. I provide direct support for all aspects of project work under the Quality Improvement portfolio to help the delivery of new ideas, strategies and corporate objectives, as well as supporting and delivering the teaching and training on quality improvement methodology and project process across the trust.
I relish new challenges and enjoy helping colleagues realise their ideas and solutions, through improvement projects
E: pamela.leaper@ngh.nhs.uk

Carol James



I have worked most of my professional life in the health service.  I love being part of the Quality Improvement Team and the impact that can have on patients experience and NGH colleagues.
I am a good first point of contact for anyone looking to introduce an idea for improvement or a QI project and most importantly for generally knowing who to put you in touch with to make that happen! I am approachable, have a good sense of humour – and that helps a lot!
E: carol.james@ngh.nhs.uk


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