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Patient-Family Partners

Patient-Family Partners

Do you want to help us improve the quality of care we deliver?

Do you have an hour or two to volunteer once a month?

If the answer to these is yes - then you should consider becoming a QI Patient-Family Partner!


We are looking for patients and carers to become a Patient-Family Partner—if you can spend a little bit of time helping us improve patient safety in the hospital. This could be through advising a project lead on the patient-side of the project, or leading a quality improvement project of your own!


You don’t need to be an expert, or have any previous experience in medicine or healthcare– we just need people who are passionate about improving patient outcomes and experience, just like us.


For more information of this programme, please download our leaflet or speak with a member of our team.


Patient Representative leaflet


If you’d like to apply to be a QI Patient-Family Partner, please contact us.



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