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QI Resources

Quality Improvement Resources

Welcome to our QI resources page. Here we have our two main teaching resources, QI: getting started and Measuring for improvement. These resources introduce QI, how a typical project is completed from concept to delivery in NGH and how to analyse your results to see if you have made an improvement.

If you’re interested in starting a QI project, please either read the two booklets or email us for a group or one-to-one teaching session.

You will also find the project proposal template (PPT) below, which should be completed before a project is started. Send us an email for more information or for support completing this document.



QI: getting started

This booklet introduces quality improvement, the project process at NGH and discusses the Model for Improvement. The Model for Improvement is the improvement methodology we have adopted at NGH, as well as most hospitals in the NHS. It asks each project team to identify their aim, the measure they will use to determine the impact of their project and the changes planned and how they intend to test these changes using a PDSA cycle.

Measuring for improvement

This booklet discusses robust measurement and data collection plans. We give our top tips for good data collection and how to reduce variation. We introduce you to SPC charts – the best way to measure for improvement.

Project Proposal Template (PPT)

This form needs to be completed as part of the project process. We log all PPTs in our internal project database. This form can be completed with the QI team if you are unsure what to put in each section.


Additional resources

Measurement plan form

This form is useful for large-scale, long-term or wider-reaching projects. It helps clarify what is used to calculate the measure, including exclusions and possible stratifiers. The QI team have given an example completed form, which was used for a countywide improvement programme.

Data collection plan

This form help define a clear plan for data collection (who is collecting the data, when, where, how?)


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