Quality improvement toolbox


Quality Improvement Toolbox

Welcome to our QI toolbox page. This page has all the essential resources you need to start a QI project at NGH. 

If you haven't already please email us to book on to a QI teaching session. 



Project Proposal Template (PPT)

This form is completed in order to formally register a QI project with our team. We log all QI proposals in our internal project database.

The PPT can be completed with the QI team if you are unsure what to put in each section.

QI Workbook

This workbook contains the following key information:

  • Our Team
  • QI Getting Started:
    An introduction to QI methodology, how to start a QI project at NGH and the general project flow. 
  • QI Measuring for Improvement:
    Best practice for data collection, analysis and presentation for a QI project.
  • Project poster examples
  • The Project Proposal Template
  • Contact details
  • Next steps
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