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Sign Up To Safety

The Sign up to Safety campaign asks NHS organisations to deliver a three-year action plan to strengthen patient safety, reduce harm for patients and save lives. 

Sign Up To Safety emphasises the importance of listening to patients, carers and staff; and learning from successes and when things go wrong. We will focus on areas where we know we can make improvements, and continue to build on the improvement work that has already begun.

We’ve signed up to the campaign because it mirrors perfectly what we’re aiming to achieve in NGH: to reduce avoidable harm by 50% by 2018.

Read the latest information on the SU2S campaigns in the Biannual Reports

Sign Up to Safety campaign pledges     

The following are NGH's five Sign Up to Safety campaign pledges.

1.    Putting safety first

We put patient safety above all else

We have committed to reduce avoidable harm in our hospital by 50%, and make our local goals and improvement plans available to the public.
Click here to read our strategy. or read our strategy on a page.

2.    Continually learning

We reflect, we learn, we improve

We are continually learning as an organisation. Everyone at NGH has two jobs, to deliver care and improve care. Our staff are encouraged deliver improvements, with the support of the QI team. We listen to feedback from patients, the public and our staff to further improve the care we deliver. We measure and monitor how safe we are in a variety of ways, allowing us to identify where we could improve upon.

3.    Being honest

We reflect, we learn, we improve

We are committed to being open and accountable to our patients and the public and publish our Quality Improvement and Efficiency Reports and monthly Quality Improvement scorecard.

4.    Collaborating

We aspire to excellence

We work collaboratively with our colleagues across the county and across the region. We are leading a countywide improvement programme, which supports healthcare providers in the region to share best practice and improve performance, and identify how to deliver a value for money service whilst improving the experience of patients and the local population.

5.    Being supportive

We respect and support each other

To enable our frontline teams to  drive improvement, we support our staff with training in Quality Improvement methodology from the concept stage through to completion, sustainment and presentation at conferences.


For more information on Sign up to Safety, visit the campaign website.


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