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Barratt Birth Centre - Balmoral

Barratt Birth Centre


Contact details

Telephone: 01604 545434


How to find us

The Barratt Birth Centre is located in area L.

The nearest entrance is the West entrance, near Cheyne Walk.  Proceed along the corridor past the Sturtridge maternity ward. Go through the automatic doors and turn left. Continue the end of the corridor and turn right. Continue to the end of the corridor and turn right. Take the stairs or the lift (elevator) to the first floor. 

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If you have any concerns about coronavirus (CORVID-19) you can get up-to-date information from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) website.

Visiting times

Visiting times on the ward are:

  • 15.30-19.30

For more information on visiting please visit the visitors page.


About us

Our birth centre opened in December 2013 and is the first alongside midwife-led unit in the county. Since opening we have received excellent friends and family feedback. We have a face book page where you can see images of the centre and see the comments from the women and families who have used our service.

The birth centre, located on Balmoral ward has four birthing rooms, three of which have pools, with kitchenettes and double beds.  The birth centre provides a way of having a baby in a more homely and calming environment, with all the benefits of having expert medical support very close by should the need arise.

The birth centre is suitable for women who are healthy and have had an uncomplicated pregnancy and are unlikely to develop complications during their labour or birth. We offer a 36 week risk assessment clinic for women who live out of the area who wish to use the Birth Centre. Contact your community midwife for more details.

We have an integral award winning home birth team who work as part of the Birth Centre team offering antenatal care, labour and birth options at home; speak to your community midwife for more details.

We are proud to be able to offer a complete range of birth options for women and their families in Northampton. The value of caring for women in a conducive environment is known to be key to their birth experience, be that in an obstetric labour ward, a birth centre or at home. We are now able to offer all these choices and, in so doing, ensure that women receive the care that is right for them and their baby in the right place at the right time.

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