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FAQ'S for maternity testing

Expectant parents in Northampton will be able to bring a support person along with them to some appointments if they agree to be tested for COVID-19.


From Monday 12th April pregnant patients will be allowed to bring one support person with them as long as they agree to have a test for COVID-19. Testing will be required to allow support people to attend:

  • The 12 and 20 week scan appointment.
  • Fetal medicine clinic appointments.


The 30 minute tests required are lateral flow tests which require a swab of the nose and throat. 

Patients and their support person will need to have completed a lateral flow test at home and have had a negative result. The test is a simple swab test of the nose and throat.


You can use the hospital map to help find your way around the hospital.


Please note our onsite testing facility has now closed. Please order a home testing kit to complete your test.


Frequently asked questions

If you have any queries that are not answered in this document please speak to your midwife.


We have been working with colleagues in estates, maternity and radiology for a few months to try to find the best way to support safe visiting to the hospital. We have to ensure our patients, visitors and staff are safe. By introducing this testing, we can allow support people to attend while ensuring that we do not put anyone else in the hospital at risk from COVID-19.

The lateral flow test involves a swab of your nose and throat. It is quick but it may feel slightly uncomfortable. It will take 30 minutes to perform the test and wait for the results.

At home testing kits are now available from the government. You can order them online on the website, or by phone if you do not have online access: Call 119. Lines are open from 7am to 11pm and calls are free.

We would ask that you complete this on the morning of your appointment and that you bring the test cartridge or result with you so our team can see evidence of a negative test.

A pregnant person and their support person will be offered a test prior to:

  • the 12 and 20 week scan appointment
  • fetal medicine clinic appointments

When you are admitted to the labour ward you and your support person will receive a PCR test.

Some appointments already have mitigations in place to protect staff and patients, therefore a test may not be offered at every appointment.
Unfortunately, visitors will not be permitted at our Community Maternity Hubs.

If a test is declined, a support person will not be permitted to attend the appointment with you. Pregnant patients will be able to attend their appointment due to medical need.

Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 will need to follow the self-isolation process as detailed on the government website.

Unfortunately, if your support person tests positive we will not be able to re-book your appointment to allow them to attend at another time.

At the current time we are only able to allow one support person to attend with you.

If the patient is a surrogate we can only allow one support person to attend, however you can bring a different support person to each appointment.

If the test is done on site by our team the result will be recorded according to hospital processes, and the test details and result are forwarded to Public Health England (PHE) as required by law. If you test at home please bring the result or cartridge with you to show the team.

Testing is free for patients and their support person.

We temporarily paused the charges on scan photo prints while we were unable to accommodate visitors to appointments.

As we can now allow visiting charges for scan photos will be reinstated from Monday 12th April.

Even if you test negative you will still need to adhere to our infection prevention guidance. This means you will need to wear a mask, wash or gel your hands regularly and keep to the two-metre social distancing guidance. This is for the safety of our patients, visitors and staff.

Our staff will also be wearing masks and will ask you to adhere to the PPE guidance and social distancing.

At the moment testing is only available for maternity patients and one support person. This is in line with national government guidance.

If you have any further questions please call the relevant team before your appointment date.

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