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Home Birth Team

Contact details

If you would like to give birth at home please register your pregnancy by contacting us.


About us

We are very proud of our Home Birth Team, which launched in 2010, and has since won several national awards for the high standard of care they deliver. The team are called ‘Rose’ and comprise of eight midwives. You can find out more about the Home Birth Team on their Facebook page.


Deciding to have a home birth

As soon as you decide that you would like to have a home birth we can allocate a midwife to you from the team. The earlier in pregnancy the better so that you get the opportunity to get to know each other, and the rest of the team. If you decide at any time that it is not for you, it’s fine and your midwife will continue to provide your care, wherever you choose to give birth.

The majority of women will only need a midwife caring for them throughout this important time as midwives are the experts in normal pregnancy, birth and the days afterwards.

A national study in 2011 found that low risk women planning a birth at home have significantly fewer interventions that women giving birth in a consultant unit. This includes significantly reducing their chance of needing interventions such a s caesarean section, forceps, ventouse (a suction cap) induction of labour and are less likely to experience a tear or cut to their perineum.

For first time mothers the study showed that there is a slightly higher chance of them needing to transfer to hospital and a slight increase in the risk to their baby over choosing a hospital setting.


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