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Home Birth Team


Home Birth Team


Contact details

If anyone would like information regarding home birth, please do not hesitate to contact senior midwife within the team: Sally O'Connell by phone 07786 510270 

Our service

All women should be offered choice when deciding where to birth their babies.  There is no evidence to suggest that home is not as safe as hospital as long as the mother is 'low risk' and the birth has been planned at home.  Low risk is determined as any women who have no medical, obstetric or social history which could have an impact (or potential impact) on their pregnancy, labour or postnatal period. 

Women can be referred to the home birth team at any point during their pregnancy. This is usually facilitated by the community midwife attached to the GP surgery. Once women are referred to the team, they are allocated a named midwife who continues care from that point, with antenatal appointments usually in the woman's home. Alternatively women refer themselves to the team (contact number below).

Forums are held on a monthly basis, giving women and their partners the opportunity to meet midwives within the team.  It also provides the opportunity to meet other couples who have chosen to birth their babies at home and are happy to share their experience with the group. 

The homebirth rate in Northampton has been well above the national average for a considerable number of years.  The home birth team was launched mid April 2010 as a means to improve the service for all women within the Northampton area, and to meet the demands of the increasing interest in home birth.

If you have any concerns about coronavirus (CORVID-19)  you can get up-to-date information from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) website.

The team

The home birth team currently consists of eleven midwives who are all passionate about home birth and whose aim is to provide a safe outcome for mother and baby and a positive birth experience. 

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