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Radiotherapy Staff Groups

The NGH Radiotherapy team are made up of a highly skilled work force.


The radiographers are patients' main point of contact throughout treatment, they are there every day during treatment and also lead some of our review clinics.

All radiographers are regulated by the Health and Care Professionals Council.

Jane Wilkinson - Radiotherapy Manager

Michael Graveling - Principal Superintendent 


Oncology Doctors

Consultants are backed up by both specialist registrars and staff grade doctors.  Doctors details including their specialisms can be found here.


Radiotherapy Dosimetrists

We have a dedicated team of radiotherapy dosimetrists who plan patients' treatment.  Each patient has a tailor made plan, under guidance from the doctor the dosimetrists place fields and modify them to get the optimal treatment.  The doctor will then review this to ensure they are happy with the treatment plan.


Radiotherapy Technicians

Linacs are highly complex machines and are tested regularly to ensure they are working as expected.  Technicians are highly skilled and are able to maintain the machines to try and avoid breakdowns, but are also able to fix some elements in the event of a breakdown.

Stuart Batty - Chief Technician


Radiotherapy Physicists

Physicists provide advice to doctors on complex cases and involved in their planning.  They also provide technical support to the technicians.  Physicists commission new equipment and new treatment techniques.

Nicky Whilde - Head of Radiotherapy Physics

Stuart Duggleby - Deputy Head of Radiotherapy Physics

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