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Our volunteer's stories

 Bob Faichnie - Volunteer - Copy

Bob Faichnie, aged 65, began volunteering with us in 2016.  When he's not volunteering, Bob loves spending time with his family, playing and listening to loud rock and blues music and catching up on rugby (ONs and Scotland).

"My role as a volunteer gives me the privilege of meeting and conversing with some really interesting and lovely people.

"Volunteering has made such a difference to me in that I feel so much more at ease with myself, I really value and appreciate my life and that of people around me.

"I was proud be a volunteer when I received some feedback to say that I had made a big difference by spending a few hours with a wonderful lady shortly before she died.

"I absolutely and without any reservation recommend volunteering to others. Be prepared, it will change your attitude to life and cause you to appreciate what you already have and don't realise it."

 To find out how you can get involved please contact a member of our volunteer team.

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