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Our Services

Below is the list of all Clinical and Non-Clinical services, wards and departments that we have here at Northampton General Hospital.

If you would like more specific lists please select between the following options, otherwise select the letter of the service, ward or department that you need.


Danetre Hospital, Daventry

Danetre Hospital, Daventry Northampton General hospital Northampton NGH


Dermatology Northampton General hospital Northampton NGH

Diabetes Centre

Diabetes Centre Northampton General hospital Northampton NGH

Disney ward

Disney Ward | Northampton General Hospital Northampton (NGH) | Children with a wide range of illnesses are cared for by a team of paediatricians. Children are admitted to Disney ward directly from GPs, A&E, Paediatric Assessment Unit or electively for surgery. The ward also specialises in oncology & Haematology conditions. Disney ward has a number of four-bedded bays, as well as single rooms. There are facilities for one parent/carer to stay with their child overnight. There is a parent's room equipped with a microwave, toaster and kettle. There is a dedicated en-suite room for oncology. During term-time, children who are well enough attend the hospital school. There is also an activity centre that the children can access. Play specialists are available.

Dryden ward

Dryden ward Northampton General hospital Northampton NGH
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