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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Clinical Hypnosis

What is Clinical Hypnosis?

Clinical hypnosis has been used in medicine for over a hundred years and is a natural state of mind many of us experience spontaneously every day. When used therapeutically, it can be thought of as “guided daydreaming”. Hypnosis can help manage anxiety, encourage positive thinking and can help rediscover or develop coping skills. Hypnosis can help reduce anxiety before hospital visits, reduce pain and anxiety during procedures or operations and help your recovery from hospital treatment.

These recordings have been prepared and recorded by health care professionals who have been trained in medical hypnosis. They are available in both male and female voices.

Meet the Team

paul slater

Dr Paul Slater

Consultant Anaesthetist

Louise Foulsham-McFall

Louise Foulsham-McFall

Acute Pain Practitioner

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