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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Digital Letters and NHS App

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Digital Letters

Patients will soon be able to view and download outpatient appointments online. This means you can view and download your appointment letters quickly and easily on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. We will be starting to roll out digital letters from June 2024 in some departments.

Patients who prefer letters, or who do not open the link to view within 48 hours will still receive letters by post as normal.

By using digital patient letters, we can give you more choice over how and when you view your information, reduce the amount of paper letters our patients receive and reduce our environmental impact by moving away from paper. 

To prepare for this change, please make sure our team has your current mobile number to receive your digital letter.

Digital letters can also be:

  • Accessed in either the NHS App or the Patient Portal 
  • Read aloud using screen reader software including the option of it being read aloud in over 40 languages 
  • Converted into over 100 languages 
  • Read in different contrast modes 
  • Converted into an easy read format including larger font sizes and types 
  • Emailed to other people who you may want to update about your care 

If you don’t see the full accessibility toolbar when you select the accessibility icon, please try using a computer or tablet device. If you need support with your communication preferences, please speak to the department you are being seen with.


The NHS App features include being able to view your hospital referrals and appointments in one place, access supporting information, and you will have a single point of contact for your appointments.

If you already use our patient portal you can continue to use this, and you can also use the NHS App. 

While you are waiting for your hospital appointment or treatment, you can now use the NHS App to help support you while you wait to be seen.

For more information including please visit the NHS App website.

Download the NHS App

The NHS App is available on iOS and Android.

Text reminders

Patients in some specialities will also recieve text message reminders before their appointment. We have more information available on our text reminder webpage.

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