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Vocational Rehabilitation Service Referral

What is  the Vocational Rehabilitation service?

Vocational Rehabilitation refers to the process which enables an individual with impairment or disability to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining or returning to employment or other meaningful occupations. This particular service supports Northamptonshire Stroke Survivors, who have had their stroke within the last 12 months and have specific vocation related goals. This could include:

  • Work Preparation: Skill building, stamina building, developing strategies, to return to current role

  • Work Retention: Once returned to work—troubleshooting any difficulties that arise as a result of stroke symptoms

  • Return to Work: Finding alternative roles

  • Exit from Work: Leaving job role on medical grounds and searching for alternative roles or meaningful activity



How to get support

Your therapists will decide with you whether or not you require a referral to the Vocational Rehabilitation team. You may not identify any symptoms that would impact your work whilst on the ward, however may begin to notice these when you are at home or start working again.

If you have not been referred to the team but find that you do need work related support then you can contact the details below to self refer. Please give your name, date of birth, address when self-referring.

Please note: You must have had your stroke within the last 12 months to be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation

CST Admin: 01604 544275


Additional Information

If you require advice and support with benefit queries/application, please contact the Community Law service or Citizen’s Advice Bureau on the numbers below.                             

It is your employers responsibility under the Equality Act 2010 to apply reasonable adjustments to your job and workplace to enable you to return to your job role
following your stroke. It is also against this law to discriminate against an employee based on their sickness or disability.

 If you require support with discussing this with your employer, please contact the team.

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