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Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA) & Care Planning


A HNA is offered at key points during your treatment to discuss and assess any concerns or worries that you may have. 

You will first be asked to complete one around the time you receive your diagnosis or at the beginning of your treatment.

The HNA gives you an opportunity to consider all aspects of your well-being including physical, emotional and practical concerns as well as the potential impact upon your family, friends and lifestyle.

Any concerns you raise will be discussed between you and your health care professional and together you identify possible solutions.  A care plan will be produced following your discussions outlining how the concerns you raised will be dealt with by you or with a health care professional.

This care plan may include things like giving you information leaflets or contact details for organisations that can help with your concerns.  A copy of the care plan will be shared with you either at the time of the appointment or sent to you afterwards.  It may also be shared with other members of your healthcare team.

You will be offered the opportunity to complete further HNAs as you progress through treatment - the intervals vary depending upon which cancer you are being treated for - however, you can request another HNA at any time during your treatment if you have concerns or worries


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