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Maternity Triage

Maternity triage is an allocated area of labour ward providing 24-hour care for pregnant women over 20 weeks gestation and postnatal women who have recently delivered.

At Northampton General Hospital we now use the Birmingham Symptom Specific Triage System (BSOTS), this system assesses women presenting themselves with unexpected pregnancy related or postnatal problems or concerns, and then allocates a colour code, so hospital staff can see immediately who needs to be prioritised. Women will receive an initial assessment once they have arrived and then will be prioritised based on clinical need. We ask that you call prior to attending triage so that your clinical picture can be briefly assessed over the phone by a registered professional, this ensures you attend the correct area when required.

Before 20 weeks gestation if you have an urgent concern regarding your pregnancy please contact your GP, NHS 111, or your nearest A&E.

Contact Maternity:

Contact Maternity: 01604 523529

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