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Our Group Digital Strategy

Monitoring and Assurance


We have comprehensive tracking and assurance in place for the delivery of the Group Digital Strategy through the delivery of:


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KGH and NGH Trust Boards

Receive an update on the Digital Strategy delivery at each meeting. Systematic review the progress of the strategy every 6 months and sign off changes.


Group Digital Hospital Committee

Oversees the strategic aspects of the NGH and KGH Group’s digital, technology and information agenda. Roadmap reviewed at every meeting (every other month).


Operational Meetings

Monitor the detailed delivery of the roadmap. A number of meetings are in place at individual Trusts, as well as the Group Digital Operational meeting.






Keeping staff informed and engaged

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We will make sure that we keep our staff and patients informed and engaged through hosting:


Patient focus groups

We will involve our patients, their families and carers through focus groups when developing and designing digital solutions.


Staff focus groups

We will use existing staff forums and set up focus groups to gather feedback and ideas, and gain input into the development of digital solutions.


Dedicated to Excellence newsletter

We will share updates in a ‘Dedicated to Excellence’ newsletter to keep our staff up to date with progress, next steps and raise awareness of how to get involved.


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