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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Our Group Digital Strategy

Foreword from the Group Chief Digital Information Officer


Photo of Andy Callow, Group CDIO for Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust and Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

As we’ve developed our ambitions as a teaching hospital Group, time and time again the need for digital approaches has come up. To paraphrase Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft “Every organisation is a technology organisation” and the health system is no different.


But what is digital? Digital is NOT rebadged IT, it is about working to apply the culture, processes, business models & technologies of the internet era to respond to people’s raised expectations [Tom Loosemore].


That’s what is important about this strategy, it sets out our plans for the next few years to ensure that the digital approach is applied across all aspects of our Group, so that our patients receive the excellent care they deserve and our staff are supported by tools that meet their needs.


We are starting from a challenging position where lots of our processes are paper-based and the electronic systems we have don’t talk to each other very well. That situation cannot continue.


Our ambition is to be the Most Digital Hospital Group in England by July 2023. Achieving that would mean clinicians are given excellent tools that give them back time to care, patients are in control of their treatment, managers have instant information to drive decision-making and all staff have access to amazing training and support. This strategy sets the path to get there.


Andy Callow
Group CDIO



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