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Our Group Digital Strategy

Our Five Promises for our Staff and Patients


Our patients, their families and carers

We will:

  • Join our patient records up so our patients have access to their health record across the whole health system.
  • Put our patients in control of their care, making it easy for our patients to receive care in a way that works for them.
  • Invest in technology that helps us to monitor our patients’ condition wherever they are, meaning our patients can be cared for at home.
  • Make sure our systems are simple for our patients to use and provide support if people are struggling.
  • Protect our patients’ data and information.


Our staff

We will:

  • Work with our staff to understand how digital solutions can be designed to improve care and make our workplace a better place to work.
  • Reduce the number of different systems and log-ons our staff need to use to do their jobs.
  • Make sure our staff have the appropriate kit and software.
  • Make sure our and Office365 accounts are joined up across the Group so our staff can work together more effectively.
  • Provide amazing training and support to our staff.
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