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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Excellence Awards

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Celebrating our excellent colleagues and volunteers

Our UHN Excellence Awards celebrate the people and teams who make a real difference to the way we work and our patient care, regardless of where they work or volunteer in the hospital. If someone or a team, who cared for you, a loved one or one of your colleagues or your team that has gone above and beyond to exceed expectations, now is your chance to see them have the recognition they deserve.  

When you are nominating someone who’s helped to provide excellence care, colleague, volunteer or fundraiser please think about how they demonstrate our values.

Submit your nomination

Nominations have now closed for 2024. Names of those individuals and teams shortlisted will be published before our event on 26 September 2024. 

Thank you to the Northamptonshire Health Charity for their continued support and sponsorship for the event.

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All award categories are listed below, please read these and our tips for writing a good award submission carefully before submitting your nomination to make sure your nominee has the best chance at being shortlisted.

UHN Excellence Awards 2024 Categories

Submit your nomination

Nominations have now closed for 2024. Names of those individuals and teams shortlisted will be published before our event on 26 September 2024.

Tips for writing a good Excellence Award nomination

Nominating one of our colleagues or volunteers for an award is a great way to recognise their achievements and the support they've given to you or your loved ones.

We have a word limit for nominations of 400 words, so it’s important to make your nomination stand out.

Below, we've put together some tips to help make your award nomination submission the best it can be.

  • Think about who you want to nominate and why- try to note down the key points before you start writing the nomination.
  • Get to know the category you are nominating the individual for. These are all listed with a brief explanation. Make sure you are nominating your colleague, volunteer, or team for the correct category.
  • If you're not sure on which category they fit into, write your nomination first and then go back to see which category suits their achievements.
  • Keep your explanation simple and think about the who, what, where, when and why’s. Tell us why they deserve the nomination and about the difference they have made.
  • Where possible link your nomination back to our values and explain how the person or team demonstrated these values in their work. Please also think about how they have demonstrated equality and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Write in an easy-to-understand language. Try to avoid acronyms and make sure it's clear for someone who doesn't know the individual to understand.
  • Think about the evidence you can give in your nomination and how you can justify your points. Try not to repeat information or phrases.
  • Write your submission and then edit it to make sure the key points are covered. It's always good to ask someone else to read the nomination before you submit it.
  • Avoid phrases such as they're a smiley person or they're good at their job - these don't tell us how they've made a difference. Try finding meaningful words in your nomination like determine, respectful, inspirational, teamwork, motivating, empowering.
  • Phrases such as driving for constant improvement, problem solving mindset and overcoming barriers are all impactful ways to explain your nominee and what that have achieved.
  • Don't use the same nomination for multiple people. Make them unique and they are more likely to be noticed.

Excellence Awards Winners 2023

An awards event was held on Thursday, March 16, 2023 to celebrate the achievements of some of the amazing colleagues, volunteers, and fundraisers, from Kettering and Northampton general hospitals.
Read more about NHS staff, volunteers and fundraisers who have recieved awards.

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