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Urology Surgery Department

 Telephone: 01604 544144

The Urology department is led by a team of five consultants and has a dedicated Urology Centre for diagnostic facilities, managed by Sally Mora, lead nurse.


Mr Roger Kunkler, Consultant Urologist and Clinical Lead

  • Professor Miller, Consultant Urologist
  • Mr Hemant Nemade, Consultant Urologist
  • Mr Tom Swallow, Consultant Urologist
  • Mr John Potter, Consultant Urologist

The Urology service offers:

  •  Specialist treatment in nephrectomy and stones
  •  Brachytherapy for prostate cancer
  •  Andrology
  •  Inguino-scrotal surgery
  •  A range of modern surgical techniques for managing bladder outflow obstruction
  • Diagnostics including urodynamics
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