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Urology: Our Team

Urology is a surgical specialty which deals with diseases of the urinary/reproductive tracts in men and with urinary disease in women.

The Urology Speciality is staffed by  NHS Consultants in  Urology, each with their own sub-specialist areas of interest. Together, with a team of junior Doctors such as Registrars and Senior House Officers the Consultant staff provide a full range of urological expertise.

A large proportion of the clinic in the Urology Centre are Nurse Led, this means that you will be seen by a Registered Nurse who is a specialist in Urology or a sub-speciality of Urology such as Erectile Dysfunction or Intermittent Self Catheterisation. All of our Nurse Led clinics are supported by a named Consultant.


We can only accept referrals from your GP or from a hospital consultant. If you do have an urological problem you should visit your GP first, they can then decide whether a referral is necessary or appropriate..

Once you have been referred by your GP, you will be able to schedule an outpatient appointment. We may arrange for you to undergo some tests in advance of your appointment to speed up the diagnostic process.

Alternatively you may be referred to our One-Stop clinic where you may have a number of investigations as part of your single outpatient appointment attendance.

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