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Statement of Expenses

Statement of Expenses Claimed - Executive and Non-Executive Directors

  1. The statements provided are for expenses claimed in the period /quarter by individual members of the Trust Executive Team (Executive and Non Executive Directors), not for expenses that have been incurred in the period /quarter.
  2. These are expenses paid by the claimant and then claimed back from the Trust. They exclude costs paid directly by the trust to external bodies.
  3. Executive Directors: Mileage and other expenses are paid in accordance with the NHS Staff Terms and Conditions of Service Handbook .  Mileage rates may differ according to each vehicle.
  4. Non Executive Directors: Mileage and other expenses paid to NHS Chairs and non-executives are paid in accordance with the Expenses rates as set by the Secretary of State for Health and as shown in the Non-Executive Information Sheet (Sheet No 01/04) Expenses published by the Appointments Commission

Statements of Expenses Claimed are available here to download in PDF format. To read them you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader:


Year 2016/17

Year 2015/16

Year 2014/15

  • 6 April 2014 to 5 April 2015 

Year 2013/14

  • 6 April 2013 to 5 April 2014

Year 2012/13

Year 2011/12

Year 2010/11

Year 2009/10

  • Q1 - Not available
  • Q2 - Not available
  • Q3 - Not available


In case of difficulty accessing the Statements of Expenses Claimed, please contact the Trust Freedom of Information Manager, tel. 01604 544755 or email

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