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Our Group Digital Strategy

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Collaborating for a shared purpose


Our ambition for this theme

We want to make the most of working together as a Group. We have a wealth of experience  and talent in our two current Hospital Digital teams, and together we will be able to go much  further and faster.

We want to create a shared culture in our Digital portfolio, better support, training and  development, and make the Group Digital team the best place to work. We will value  behaviours of collaboration over individual brilliance.

Working on the principle of “Once for Both”, we will become a national exemplar on how NHS teams organise themselves to do great work.


Our Priorities

  1. We will develop our shared Digital portfolio, helping our  staff to understand what we do, and providing clarity on  the roles and structure.
  2. We will enhance our professionalism and ensure our  teams are equipped with the right skills to meet our users needs.
  3. We will create a supportive and co-operative culture  that puts the Group first, making the most of our  individual strengths.


How we will measure improvement

Within one year (by 31st March 2022)

  • Provide clarity to the organisations and our digital teams on structure and roles by Q2 2021.
  • Regular show and tells in place by Q3 2021
  • Shared learning forums in place by Q3 2021
  • Access to professional development tools by Q4 2021
  • For 100% of procurements to be joint from Q1 2021
  • Completion of review of Group digital contracts for efficiency, consistency and utilisation by Q3 2021


Within three years (by 31st March 2024)

  • Fully embedded Group delivery functions in place by Q4 2022.
  • People are so keen to join the organisation that there are no ‘hard to fill’ roles within  the digital portfolio – all vacancies are over-subscribed.
  • All common software contracts co-terminating or consolidated.
  • We have no examples of ‘gotchas’ where a Group solution should have been  considered by Q2 2023.
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