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Our Group Digital Strategy

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Delivering clinically-led solutions


Our ambition for this theme

We will understand the needs of clinicians in order to give them excellent tools that work for them and give them back time to care. Our paperless systems will not just be aligned but will bring together relevant clinical information into a hub for ease of access by clinicians and improve workflows for clinicians, including minimising additional data capture.

We will work with our clinicians through the Group Clinical Strategy and Clinical Collaboration work to understand patient pathways in our services and design digital solutions to enhance  care.

We will make use of the advanced technology and data available to us to help support decisions about clinical care and we will become nationally renowned for the environment we  create to allow our clinical research to thrive.


Our Priorities

  1. We will have a Group Electronic Patient Record so that our two hospitals can share the same record, viewable from any location on any device.
  2. We will spend time with our clinicians to understand how our staff are using systems and how our systems could better help.
  3. We will help deliver innovative research projects, supporting our ambition to become a teaching hospital.


How we will measure improvement

Within one year (By 31st March 2022)

  • Aligned PAS (patient administration systems) in place across the Group.
  • System in place to gather digital, innovative ideas from across the Trust.
  • Embedded use of user research and service designers to improve introduction and use of clinical systems.
  • Provision of access to pseudonymised data and analytical support to research projects.


Within three years (By 31st March 2024)

  • By Q3 2022 our hospitals will be able to share critical patient information through a shared EPR (electronic patient record).
  • Sharing of the full patient record by Q3 2023.
  • No paper in use in any clinical interaction. All clinical procedures are closed-loop.
  • Clinical system usage analysis in place and being used to adapt practice and  processes.
  • At least two hackathon days have been hosted each year (digital innovation  events).
  • Clinicians consistently give a Net Promoter Score for clinical systems of over 80.
  • All research projects have digital team involvement.
  • Our data and analytical support for research projects will be nationally recognised / renowned (e.g. national body recognition given).
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