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Our Group Digital Strategy

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Empowering our patients, their families and carers


Our ambition for this theme

We want to design services around our patients’ and their families needs that give them  control of appointments. To provide communications in formats of their choice. To have  access to their records to share as they see fit and feel that their needs are known by all who are for them.

We will make appropriate use of remote monitoring technology to support care from the comfort of their own home. We will provide technology and support to our patients to help access our systems if they need it.

We want to keep improving our environment to improve the inpatient experience, such as electronic meal ordering and patient entertainment, taking opportunities presented of the new building works taking place.


Our priorities

  1. We will join our records up so our patients have access to their records across the health system.
  2. We will hold virtual appointments for our patients where  that is safe and appropriate. We will be able to virtually  monitor our patients’ conditions.
  3. We will improve the patient experience, making sure  our systems are simple to use, we provide support if people are struggling and improve inpatient  experience.


How we will measure improvement

Within one year (by 31st March 2022)

  • Maternity patients have access to the patient health record through system-wide portal.
  • Patients can select their communication format preference (e.g. email, letters etc).
  • 25% of outpatient appointments are virtual.
  • 20% of patient groups suitable for virtual monitoring 50% are utilising this technology.


Within three years (by 31st March 2024)

  • All patients have access to their digital records from their smartphone and can share it with health professionals. No paper notes/forms will be used in direct patient care.
  • Patients can reschedule appointments through self-service.
  • 1M virtual consultations have occurred, 50% of outpatient clinics are virtual.
  • Of patient groups suitable for virtual monitoring, 85% are utilising this technology.
  • 50% volunteers are trained to provide digital support to patients.
  • Self-check-in kiosks installed to Emergency Department facilitating patients self-check in
  • We will have refreshed our electronic inpatient entertainment and meal ordering.
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