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Our Group Digital Strategy

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Providing insight to support decision-making


Our ambition for this theme

We want to revolutionise the way decisions are taken in our Group and across our health system. We will start with being clear about what data is relevant for making decisions and build a consistent structure that supports this.

We will adapt and provide increased insight and analysis, getting to the point where our teams are anticipating the questions colleagues may ask.

We need to make it easy for all staff to have information at their fingertips and for it to be easier for clinicians involved in research being able to analyse data for better care and prevention.


Our priorities

  1. We will understand what data is needed to support patient care so that when we are creating data, it provides value.
  2. We will develop dashboards that are intuitive and staff can use to revolutionise decision-making.
  3. We will improve the consistency and data quality across the sites, including standardising the way we report our data.



How will we measure improvement

Within one year (by 31st March 2022)

  • Agreed consistent board, committee and operational reporting frameworks and what data is required by Q2 2021.
  • Power BI is available to all staff and all staff have been trained to use it
  • Group Data Warehouse established. 30% of clinical systems ingested.
  • Data Quality Improvements Programmes established at both Trusts, ensuring that data is extracted and processed with the consistent application of validated business rules by Q2 2021.


Within three years (by 31st March 2022)

  • All transformational activities to improve pathways and / or software systems, use (and informed by) analytics to understand patient and clinician journeys.
  • Consistent Net Promoter Score of 80+.
  • 100% of clinical systems ingested onto the Group Data Warehouse and all data visualisations accessed through Power BI platform by Q1 2023.
  • Data Quality Improvements Programmes embedded at both Trusts by Q4 2022.
  • Using new technologies and consistent processes in Clinical Coding across the Group to reduce manual coding effort by Q2 2022.
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