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Our Group Digital Strategy

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Supporting our staff


Our ambition for this theme

We want our digital systems to transform the workplace, making it a better and more efficient place to work. We will do the hard work to design our systems and processes to make things easier for our staff.

We will have a single sign-on service for our staff. Our people will have the appropriate hardware and software to do their job and feel confident about using our digital systems.

Our approach to training and support for staff will be continuous and adaptive, using data to target the support to staff to help them to make the most of our systems.


Our priorities

  1. We will develop universal and Office 365 accounts across all sites for our staff.
  2. We will make sure that staff have the appropriate kit and software that they need to do their jobs.
  3. We will provide amazing training and support for our staff and ensure that we are building digital literacy.


How we will measure improvement

Within one year (by 31st March 2022)

  • All staff on NHS net accounts by Q3 2021.
  • Consistent rolling hardware replacement programme established by Q3 2021 with regular review process in place to establish user device needs.
  • All staff have access to digital training and support which utilises a range of learning techniques including virtual and face to face
  • Number of service desk calls that could have been resolved using self-help (or are first time fixes over the phone) are reduced by 25% by Q1 2022.
  • IT SLAs are standardised across the Group.


Within three years (by 31st March 2024)

  • Online collaboration is the norm for all staff and emailing attachments has fallen by 95%.
  • Number of service desk calls related to old or non-functioning kit and software is reduced  by 75%.
  • Digital literacy programme embedded into staff roles - within all appraisals and staff induction by Q3 2022.
  • Digital literacy programme heralded nationally as exemplar (e.g. awards, national body recognition) by Q2 2023.
  • We will extend our service desk support hours to reflect demand by Q2 2022.
  • No more than 1% of service desk calls outstanding without a resolution after 31 days of  the call being made.
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