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Concerned about the welfare of a patient?

We have a responsibility to recognise and respond to adults or children who are in need of protection from significant harm and abuse. We work as part of a multi-agency team to safeguard people who are at risk. Our staff are trained in safeguarding adults and children as part of their professional practice.

Safeguarding concerns in our hospital

If you are concerned that one of our patients or family members is a victim of harm or abuse, or if you are a victim of harm or abuse, please speak with a member of the care team on your ward or clinic.

  • You can ask to speak to the nurse in charge of the ward or to a specialist safeguarding nurse.
  • We have an independent domestic violence advisor based at the hospital to offer advice and guidance to adults who have experienced domestic abuse and are at risk of injury or harm. You can ask one of your care team to contact the advisor on your behalf.


Safeguarding concerns in your community

If you have concerns about the safety and wellbeing of someone you know in your community, you can make a referral to Northamptonshire County Council’s social care teams:

  • Reporting safeguarding concerns about a child
  • Reporting safeguarding concerns about an adult

Safeguarding children at Northampton General Hospital leaflet 

If you have experienced domestic abuse and would like to talk to somebody in confidence, you can get in touch with the Sunflower Centre on 01604 888211 or

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