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Safeguarding Team


Safeguarding Team
   Julie Hall New          Laura Faulds New March 2022
Julie Hall
Associate Director of Safeguarding
Tel 01604 523218
Mobile: 07803 495905 

Laura Faulds
Personal Assistant to
Associate Director of Safeguarding
Tel: 01604 523442


Adult Safeguarding 

We are committed to protecting the welfare of all vulnerable adults and to respond promptly when abuse is suspected. We identify, report, participate and reflect. The team offers advise, support and training to staff to ensure the health, welfare and safety of vulnerable adults.


Adults Safeguarding Team
 Victoria Roblin Safeguarding Adults Practitioner            Sarah Kimber Safeguarding Adults Practitioner
Victoria Shaw
Named Nurse Safeguarding Adults
Tel: 01604 523769
Mobile: 07856 335279
    Sarah Kimber
Safeguarding Adults Practitioner
Tel: 01604 523419
Mobile: 07856 335279


Children’s Safeguarding Team

The team offers advice, support and training to staff to help ensure the health, welfare and safety of children and their families around safeguarding and child protection issues.  All of the work of the team is guided by law, national and local guidance.

The Paediatric Liaison Service is responsible for communicating information regarding children’s attendances at A&E, their admissions and discharges from hospital, to GPs, health visitors and school nurses, locally and nationally.

Safeguarding Children Team
Georga New Pic
Named Nurse Safeguarding Children
Tel: 01604 544656
  Georga Lee
Paediatric Liason Nurse
Tel: 01604 544485
  Ashleigh Driver
Safeguarding Children Nurse Advisor
Tel: 01604 523324
Mobile: 07545 419409
 Zoe Wright New March 2022        
Zoe Wright
Safeguarding Children & Maternity
Admin Asistant
Tel: 01604 544673


Safeguarding Maternity 

The Safeguarding Maternity Team is responsible for the safeguarding of unborn babies and vulnerable families, and works alongside other agencies to provide support throughout the pregnancy and postnatal period. The team offers advice, supervision, support and training to both hospital and community based staff.

Maternity Safeguarding Team
 Rheo s           Sally Kingston Safeguarding Midwife            Angela Bithray Safeguarding Midwife 

Rheo Smith
Named Midwife
Tel: 01604 523829

   Sally Kingston
Safeguarding Midwife
Tel: 01604 544225
   Angela Bithray
Safeguarding Midwife
Tel: 01604 544225



Named Doctors for Safeguarding
 Michelle Dominic Named Doctor Safeguarding Children      Sarah Vince
Dr Michelle Dominic
Named Doctor for Safeguarding Children
Tel: 01604 544605

Dr Sarah Vince
Named Doctor for Safeguarding Adults
Tel: 01604 523214



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