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Leaflets and information

Find useful information about pregnancy, from getting ready for labour and delivery to the experience of bringing your baby home.

Early Pregnancy

Mid to late pregnancy

Preparing for birth

You and your baby

Information in other languages

  • Action on pre-eclampsia provide information about pre-eclampsia
  • Labour Pains provide information about pain relief for labour and information about caesarians
  • MAMA Academy provide essential information about pregnancy
  • Public Health England provide information about screening tests for you and your baby
  • The Lullaby Trust provide information on safe sleeping for babies
  • Tommy's provide information on monitoring your baby's movements
  • UNICEF provide information about breastfeeding, formula feeding and sterilising feeding equipment

Having a baby if you're LGBT+

NHS UK has new information about starting a family if you're lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or non-binary

Free prescriptions in pregnancy and MATEX maternity exemption certificate

You may be eligible to receive free prescriptions while you are pregnant via a Maternity Exemption certificate (MATEX) if at the time of your application:

  • you’re pregnant
  • you’ve given birth in the last 12 months.

Your midwife, GP or health visitor must complete an application for you.

They can complete an FW8 application form or use the digital maternity exemption service.

Please visit this site for more information on applying for a Maternity Exeption Certificate.

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