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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust


Northampton General Hospital runs a successful apprenticeship programme that offers opportunities right across the hospital ranging from health care and pharmacy roles right through to mechanical engineering and business admin. Our apprenticeships lead to nationally-recognised qualifications and provide routes into a variety of careers.                

We’ve supported dozens of young people through their apprenticeship programme. Many have gone on to secure great roles at our hospital while others have developed skills and experience that have helped them secure employment elsewhere.        

What can you expect?                

An apprenticeship at Northampton General Hospital means a year of valuable hands-on experience working alongside our experts and the opportunity to learn skills in demand across the public and private sectors. You’ll earn a competitive apprenticeship salary of over £100 a week and have career support every step of the way.              

“It takes more than doctors and nurses to run a hospital.”                

We’re a multi-million pound organisation and the biggest employer in Northampton so not surprisingly, we need the right people behind the scenes making it all work. That’s why we offer lots of apprenticeships in roles that don’t involve working on wards or with patients including business admin, customer services, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.                 


Who can apply?                

Our apprenticeships are a great way to start your professional journey, perfect for school and college leavers or anyone wanting a complete change of career.  You might not have loads of working experience - or none at all.  There is no upper age limit; the important thing is that you’re genuinely interested in learning new skills.                  

The recruitment process is a one-day assessment involving communication skills, maths and English test – and ICT if applicable to the apprentice role. Those shortlisted then attend a formal interview with the manager from the relevant department.   

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