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Disbursement costs

If a request is estimated to cost less that the prescribed £450 limit, and there is no other basis on which it may be refused or otherwise dealt with, the Trust will answer the request (subject to the limits of disclosure).  The maximum fee that can be charged in these cases is limited to “disbursement costs”, including specified costs of postage, printing and photocopying in:

  • Informing you whether the Trust holds the information
  • Reproducing any document containing the information and
  • Communicating the information to you

An estimate of the level of these “disbursement” costs is indicated in the table of charges.  Please be aware that postage and Packaging (P&P) is also taken into consideration when supplying information requested.  If the Trust has issued a Fees Notice, payment will be required in advance before any work commences on making information available.

If the information requested is to be ‘viewed’ at a location in the Trust, then you should go to the location stated.  Please note that any documents viewed may attract a charge if copies are required.

A charge may be made to cover the cost of providing information in the particular manner (format) requested in the application.   Glossy or other bound paper copies, or in some cases CD Rom’s video or other mediums will attract an additional charge to cover the cost of the format requested.

No charges will be applied for any information accessed via our website.  For any information which is provided in hard copy and where there is no statutory provision for charges our rates will be as shown in the Table of Disbursement Charges.

Once a request is made the applicant will be provided with details of any fees or charges that may be applied to that request.  Documents will not be issued until the appropriate fees and charges are paid.  Payment should be by cheque made out to:

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

with details as to what FOI request the payment applies to if applicable.

If you require any further information about the provision of information or have any difficulty accessing information provided on our website please contact the Information Governance Manager via the contact point.


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