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Other County Hospitals and Homes

 Other County Hospitals and Homes

Manfield Orthopaedic HospitalIn 1924 James Manfield, shoe manufacturer, gifted his mansion to become a hospital for crippled children. It opened in 1925 and soon started to admit adults as well. Manfield closed in 1992 when all the orthopaedic services were moved to the general hospital.

Creaton Hospital

Was the first sanatorium in Northamptonshire, opening in 1910 and was located between Creaton and Hollowell. After the introduction of antibiotics in the 1940s the number of tuberculosis patients decreased. The hospital then developed into a cottage hospital treating patients with medical conditions and carrying out minor surgical procedures. It closed in 1979.

Harborough Road Hospital

Opened in 1891 and was initially known as the Borough Hospital for Consumptives. Through those early years it was also used for a range of infectious diseases such as diphtheria, smallpox and typhoid. By the 1950s there were fewer infectious cases that required isolation and it then started to admit medical patients.



John Greenwood Shipman Convalescent Home

Clara Shipman gave the family home, Templemore, to the town to become a convalescent home for children from Manfield Hospital and opened in 1932. In later years it became a day centre for physically handicapped children. 


Margaret Spencer Home of Rest

In 1919 Lord Spencer gave his home, Dallington House, to the hospital trustees to become a Home of Rest for patients discharged from the general hospital, following surgery. This was following the death of his wife, Margaret, and the home was named in her memory. 



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