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Research Opportunities

Our archive offers a wide range of projects for academics, students and local historians.

History of the Northampton infirmaries, dating back to 1743.

Books and journals dating back to the 17th century encapsulating the history of medicine, both locally and nationally.

Scientific and religious influences on medicine over the past 250 years.

The influence of the local community supporting the infirmaries back to 1743. This material found in minutes, ledgers, press cuttings and photographs will enthral anyone interested in social history.

Northamptonshire has a long history of the Boot and Shoe industry. This had both a positive and negative effect on the local population. The hospitals benefitted enormously from the ‘shoe barons,’ both financially and with support on many committees. During the period of industrialisation in the 19th century it also had a devastating effect on the workers, both in the workplace and at home. Records of these times can be found in the archive.




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