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Child patients set to benefit from newly refurbished Children's Outpatients' area thanks to donation from local play centre


Northampton General Hospital’s recently relocated children’s outpatients’ area has received a generous donation from local family entertainment centre Riverside Hub, based on Riverside Park, for the decoration and supply of toys for the newly acquired area. Children’s outpatients’ has recently moved to area K within the hospital and was officially re-opened in May 2017.

 The department won a bid to relocate to the building previously occupied by the blood taking unit, Children’s outpatients’ have utilized the space to include bigger clinic rooms and a dedicated space for various specialist clinics, this includes a private clinical and waiting area for oncology patients who require a separate space away from other children. The ability to separate our children’s oncology clinics is a requirement set out by paediatric oncology service shared care unit guidance, previously, the department had to construct a temporary screen to separate patients, this issue was addressed as a concern before the move and was a key point to be rectified within the new area in order to deliver best possible care to our child patients.

 Other specialist clinics include a Diabetes, Sickle Cell, Cleft, Downs and Murmur clinic, all of which will now take place in a comforting child friendly environment.

 In 2015, 16800 patients visited the department and this figure rose to 17970, on average, 1500 patients will visit children’s outpatients’ per month. Riverside Hub has been heavily involved with fundraising for Children’s outpatients’ and have fundraised for a mural to be painted and various toys for the waiting areas, the mural stretches across the entirety of the area featuring rolling hills, hot air balloons and flowers, all of which is painted in bright, attractive colours.

 Riverside Hub have also very generously donated various toys, games, books and soft-play equipment for children of all ages, creating a safe environment where children will not feel as scared or distressed when visiting the hospital and receiving treatments. Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust has also funded a full refurbishment of the area which now features new window decor, flooring and sky lighting.

 Riverside Hub has continuously supported Northampton General Hospital’s children’s outpatients’ and we would like to say a huge thank you to Valentina and her team at Riverside Hub for the continued support and work provided during the areas refurbishment.  

Posted on Monday 6th November 2017
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