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Sterile Services Department (SSD)

Sterile Services Department (SSD)

Contact Details

Sterile Services office main telephone number: 01604 544437

Sterile Services office main fax number: 01604 523241


Steve Melville - Sterile services manager and trust decontamination lead - Telephone: 01604 545792

Mark Duggan - Sterile services deputy manager - 01604 544437

Gavin Luck - Sterile services production manager - 01604 544437

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday  07.00 – 22.00 and Saturday and Sunday 10.00 - 18.00

We provide an on call emergency service every weekend from 22.00 on Friday evening through until 07.00 on Monday morning.

How to find us

The sterile services department is situated on the main Hospital Street near the restaurant, Area E. The nearest car park is car park 1, which is the main staff and visitors parking area.

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This service is provided for Northampton General Hospital, Danetre Community Hospital at Daventry, and GP surgeries and family planning clinics based in the surrounding community.


The department provides a decontamination service for all instruments used to provide medical and surgical procedures. It ensures that they undergo a thorough washing and disinfection treatment, followed by close inspection, packing and steam sterilisation.

The department is fully compliant with the following quality standards:

  • ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices Quality Management system

  • MDD 93/42EEC European Directive for Medical devices

About the team

The team is comprised of 30 members of staff made up of technicians and administration personnel.


The department has five automated pass through washer disinfectors, and four 28 cubic litre steam sterilisers.

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