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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Your leadership development


Supporting leadership and development


Our nurses and midwives are uniquely placed as leaders on the frontline of care. We know your role requires a unique set of skills, and continual development and support. When you join our team, wherever you are on your professional journey, we’ll give you the support you need to develop your leadership skills and support your career development.

Shared decision making councils

We are passionate about empowering all our nurses and midwifes. After all, who is better placed to see where improvements can make a real difference to our colleagues and to our patients and families?  That's why we operate a system of structured, shared decision-making councils.


Our nursing and midwifery employees work together in shared decision-making councils to discuss opportunities for process and quality improvement in patient care. Through these councils, we develop ways to continually improve care.

Nurses and midwives identify the improvement they want to see happen and are supported to design and deliver their improvement strategy. And it doesn’t stop there – we encourage everyone to share their improvement projects across the organisation so we can all learn from each other’s great practice.

Shared decision making aligns with the values we cherish as an organisation:

  • We aspire to excellence,
  • We put patient safety above all else
  • We reflect, we learn, we improve
  • We respect and support each other.

Band 6 and Band 7 learning communities 
 learning communities


Our Band 6 and Band 7 nurses and midwives meet regularly as a learning community where they enjoy the time and space to reflect and learn. There’s always an amazing buzz in the room at these events where networking and collaboration meet.

RCN leadership programme

We take part in the The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) leadership programme. This programme has been designed for future clinical leaders in the NHS working at Band 6 and 7 or equivalent.

Northampton Nursing and Midwifery Forum

The forum is where our matrons and our band 7 nurses and midwives meet as a senior body with our director of nursing, midwifery and patient services. Here they have the opportunity to affect change and influence strategic direction and make a real difference to our improvement drive.

Coaching and mentoring
When you work with us, you have access to coaching support and mentoring opportunities as supportive development tools.

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