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Educating, Communicating and Adapting

Educating, communicating and adapting

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As a trusted organisation, it is important that every member of staff has enough information about the impact of climate change on healthcare and the impact of healthcare on climate change to make informed decisions. This means we have to improve the education of our staff, and communicate our ambitions and actions to staff and our local community. As the impacts of climate change increase, we will also need to ensure that our estate and our staff are ready to cope with the expected changes

Introduce Carbon Literacy Training for staff 2022
Hold climate adaptation and risk workshops with senior leaders 2022
Re-start a multifunctional Sustainability Committee 2021 2021
Establish an Environmental Shared Decision Making Council 2021
Ensure Sustainability is included in all job descriptions 2022
Create 1 new wildlife areas around the site each year 2021
Increase the number of trees on site by a minimum of 5 each year Ongoing
Create intranet pages relating to sustainability 2021
Create Green Groups in individual departments 2022
Ensure sustainability is included on the agenda of all major depart-mental, directorate and trust meetings Ongoing
Create a dashboard so staff and the local community are aware of our green progress 2022
Embed Sustainability in Education Programs 2022
Develop a Sustainability Communications Plan 2022 2022
Introduce sustainability into the mandatory elearning for new starters 2022
Create a network of active Sustainability Champions across the Trust Ongoing

How will we measure it:

  • Minutes from board and committee meetings
  • Staff survey regarding green space
  • Analytics for internet usage of training packages
  • Output from GreenTeam competition
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