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Reducing Air Pollution


Reducing air pollution

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Our Aims

  • Reduce emissions from business travel by 25%
  • Improve air quality around the site
  • Improve the greenspaces around the site for patients, staff and wildlife

Install a minimum of 50 EV charging points for staff and visitors 2022
Introduce a Business Travel Policy to make use of pool and rental cars and encourage low carbon travel Ongoing
Move to ULEV and ZEV for lease cars and salary sacrifice Ongoing
Encourage the use of remote working to have up to 15% of staff work-ing remotely Ongoing
Improve changing and storage facilities for those undertaking active travel 2023
Implement the Hospital Clean Air Framework 2023
Increase the quantity and quality of green spaces on site Ongoing
Work with suppliers to reduce the number of fossil fuel deliveries to site Ongoing
Measure the impact of patient travel to site 2023
Improve indoor air quality monitoring for VOCs, NOx, dust and CO2 Ongoing

How will we measure it:

  • Number of EV charging points installed
  • Data from IT for remote working and consultations
  • Staff travel survey
  • Patient travel survey
  • Action plan from the Clean Air Hospital Framework
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