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Financial Investment, Implementing and Monitoring

Financial Investment, Implementing and Monitoring

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In order to achieve the NHS ambition of carbon zero it must be recognised that there will be a significant amount of investment. However, some of this will be mitigated by reduced utility and waste costs. However, should there be a cost of carbon imposed at £20 for offsetting emissions; those from scope 1 and 2 would cost the Trust in excess of £250,000 per year.

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Implementing and Monitoring

The areas of work will be detailed in a separate action plan. This will be agreed with the owners of the action and progress will be reviewed and published at least annually. The carbon emissions data from the Trust is reported via the ERIC (Estates Return Information Collection) Portal where the Trust is benchmarked against other similar NHS Trusts and will be submitted to the Greener NHS data platform when it is made available.

Data is also externally audited by Investors in the Environment during the accreditation process.

The data is submitted as part of the annual Trust Report, and, also, through the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Hippocrates data platform.

Any risks relating to climate change are reported via the Facilities Governance Group to the Trust corporate governance meetings, and an annual report is presented to the Trust’s Finance Committee.

In addition, progress on all action plans relating to this strategy will be reported through the Trust’s Sustainable Development Committee on a quarterly basis.

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