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Green Plan - Carbon net zero 2040


Carbon net zero 2040

plant wind mill

Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions come from a variety of areas; building energy use, business travel, anaesthetic gases, metered dose inhalers, water and waste. A separate carbon management plan will be produced for the reduction of carbon emissions from buildings, and the reduction from staff travel is covered in other sections of this strategy.

Our Aims

  • Reduce absolute carbon emissions from buildings by 5% each year
  • Reduce carbon emissions from nitrous and anaesthetic gases by 25%
  • Reduce carbon emissions from metered dose inhalers by 25%

Create a Net Zero Strategy for our buildings to cover new and major refurbishments 2022/23
Include a sustainability review at the design stage of all new buildings, refurbishments and changes to models of care Ongoing
Replicate the Nitrous Oxide reduction project carried out in NHS Scotland 2021/22
Calculate the carbon footprint of prescribed inhalers 2021
Provide environmental information to clinicians prescribing inhalers 2022
Provide environmental information to midwives regarding the environmental impact of Entonox 2021
Introduce electric vehicles for our leased fleet Ongoing
Create a plan to move to 100% LED lighting across the estate 2022/23
Create a long term plan to increase insulation in roof spaces 2021 2021
Create a plan to install solar panels and battery storage 2022
Include whole life costing in procurement decisions 2023
Implement the NHS Net Zero Building Guidance when published Ongoing
Monitor energy use from major users weekly Ongoing
Achieve a BREEAM score of excellent for new builds and major refurbishments Ongoing

How will we measure it:

  • Board approved and costed net zero strategy for the next 5 years
  • Annual reporting of carbon emissions from buildings
  • Annual reporting of anaesthetic gases and nitrous compounds from Pharmacy orders
  • Annual usage of asthma inhalers
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