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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Daisy campaign to bolster support to new nurses


Pictured: newly-qualified nurse Perri Hills wears the new daisy badge 

Newly-qualified nurses at Northampton General Hospital are to be presented with a commemorative daisy pin badge to welcome them to their new role.  

Nurses will wear the badges on their collars for their first six months in post.

Carolyn Fox, director of nursing, midwifery & patient services, said:  “Newly qualified nurses face many challenges and it’s so important that they have strong support during that crucial first six months as they make the transition from student to career nurse.  

“We have a fantastic and well-established preceptorship programme which supports our newly-qualified nurses with practical skills training as well as guidance and advice. But we’re always looking at where we can make improvements and that’s where the idea for the badge came from. 

“The badges are a way of saying thank you to our new nurses who’ve chosen Northampton General Hospital as the start of their nursing career. 

“They’re also a visual prompt for our other staff, patients and visitors that the nurse wearing the badge is new to practice. They’ll help us to remember how daunting  a new job can be and how the little gestures can make a big difference. So, if you see one of our nurses wearing the daisy, give them a smile and say hello!”

The badges are intended as a keepsake and are presented to the nurses in a chiffon pouch.

Posted on Monday 12th October 2015
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